This page is dedicated to the owners of the C/S Daytona. If you own a C/S Daytona, or Daytona with either the AGB or AGS package, e-mail me to be included. Although I am fond of all G-bodies, there are already sites dedicated to the Shelby, IROC, and Pacifica models. For that reason, I am limiting this registry to the C/S.

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The registry:

Terry Alberts--86' Daytona CS

Tim Boettger--86' Daytona CS

Bill Countie--86' Daytona CS

Bill Countie--86' Turbo Z CS

Dan Jones--86' Daytona CS

Dustin Zona--86' Daytona CS

Derek Van Valen--86' Turbo Z CS

Bill Knowles--'86 Turbo Z CS

Sean Boire--86 Daytona CS

Jeff Amidon - 86 Daytona CS

Tylar Gilman--88' with a 90' 2.5L plus an 86' Turbo Z CS

Aiden Hawnt--88' Daytona CS

Jason Jordan--'88 Daytona CS

Erik Bryant--'88 Daytona CS

Devon Huerta--'88 Daytona CS

Ryan ?--'89 Daytona CS

Craig Staggs--'89 Daytona CS AGS

Russ and Kathy Peterson--'89 Daytona CS AGS

Ron Leax--'89 Daytona CS

Steven Handreich--'89 Daytona CS

Scott Drega--'89 Daytona CS AGS

Todd Lee--'89 Daytona CS

Ellen Staw--'89 Daytona CS

Shane Sellers--'89 Daytona CS

Aaron McCurdy -- '89 Daytona CS

Troy Carswell -- '89 Daytona CS

Lee Zielinski -- '89 Daytona CS

Unknown--'90 Daytona CS AGS VNT plus a 91' AGS

Ryan Lada--'90 Daytona CS

Andrew Good--'91 Daytona CS

Joe and Stacy--'91 AGS plus an 88' AGB

Rich & Turkan Johnson--'91 Daytona CS AGS

Dan Crilly--'90 AGB


If you would like to participate, please send the following information to me at

1. Vehicle Identification Number

2. Your name

3. Your location

4. A short paragraph (50 words) of why you have a C/S, or how you came about owning one. Along with any modifications that have been made to the car.

Also, A picture of the car to post (you or a suitable model may be in the picture).

If you want, you may include your e-mail, ICQ, link to your site, etc.

Except for the VIN and your name, all information is optional. Only send what you are comfortable with posting. I will not spam you, or forward the info to anyone (of course, it will be posted on the site). If you don’t have an image to post, e-mail me and I’ll make arrangements to scan your photo.



This page last updated August 1, 2011