Dan Jones

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Dan says he will send pictures as soon as he can--Darren Dawes

86 Daytona Turbo Z CS

VIN: 1C3BA64E1GG218145

I have just recently purchased a "Flash Red" 1986 C/S Daytona.

The car has nearly no rust, only minor body damage, runs like a top and is now my second favourite car, second only to my 1964 Dodge Polara, big block four speed car.

It has 139,000 original kms.

No modifications yet , but plan to up the power and intercool soon.

I don't have a long story about this car, only that I have been trying to  buy it for 2 months. The owner was selling it because it ran bad and needed front end work, I set the timing and put good plugs in and it runs excellent, aligned the front end and replaced the driver's side drive axle, no more problems, less a bad clutch which should be fixed early this week. Will forward a picture as soon as available.

--Dan Jones