Tim Boettger

Sarasota, FL

86 CS


Color -- pw2 white with red trim and factory shelby decals

Location-- Sarasota Fl

This car has been alot of fun and has lots of memories. I bought this car from my uncle in 96' but the car has been in my site for half of my life . I usually bring this car to shows on weekends and drive it to work . Times have changed and the car has to be sold . I and the family will miss this car . Ok enought tears . Some mods to this car are, MP computer , bleed to 15psi, hollow converter, mp injectors, trans cooler, engine oil cooler off 318 and larger oil filter . Options consist of , 2.2 turbo 1, auto trans, c/s handling, pkg.shelby z, sun shade spoiler, corithian leather seats with air pumps and in black with red pipeing and power, p/s p/d p/w p/m , cruise con, electronic dash with tripometer , boost gage and message center with voice alert.

The car has Infinity sound with optional disc changer plugs from factory. Dealer installed passive alarm and illuminated entry. Uncle Russell had actually ordered a shelby in 86 with t-bar roof but changed his mind and settled for a sun roof instead. My daytona is now on it's second engion, because mom thought turbo car can run on 87 octane. I decided to replace turbo also at the time.

Interested readers can reach me at (941)-377-3901 or Tim Boettger 710 Albritton ave , Sarasota Fl 34232.