Steven Handreich

Kamloops, B.C.


Hello I am a very proud owner of an exclusive Daytona C/S. I bought it in an auction in Vancouver B.C. and to my knowledge before buyin’ it, all I knew is that it was to be my future project to buy customize and baby. Half way back to my home town (Kamloops,b.c.)the car started to sputter then died till she cooled down. At that point, I thought I’d bought another Ford! It ended up being just the fuel pump and I have had no problems at all. I figure the reason she sold it was the sputtering. I found her old registry papers in the car and I hope she regrets sellin’ it!!!I have dreams and hopes which are close to being done but there is always one more thing i want to do to her!!! The vin # is on the way with the photo as soon as I scan one!

Modifications so far are minor such as tinted windows all around, custom foot pedals, removed red pinstripe-replaced with chrome pinstripe,9 lbs, exhaust with dual chromey tips, plus lots of parts I replaced just for the lust of it like motor mounts ,plugs, Magnacor wires, cv joints, fuel pump/filter, and many more since i bought it for 1750.00$ about a year ago.

Another Mopar maniac!!!!