Aiden Hawnt

88 Daytona CS

VIN: 1C3BA44E3JG435241

NAME: Aiden Hawnt

CITY: Edmonton, AB, Canada


WHY I HAVE A C/S: I got my 1988 C/S with only 60K on it in 1995.  It has had synthetic 10W-30 since it hit the road (changed at 3K intervals with new Fram filter).  I use 92 octane gas (the highest octane rating you can get in Alberta), and I add a can of octane boost every fill.  As far as engine mods go, nothing major (yet) ... I have a K&N filter, aftermarket ignition coil & wires, and NKG platinum plugs (overgapped to 1.14 mm).  Future plans are to add a T2 intercooler, a cut-out raiser (from Gus Mahon), 20% larger injectors, and (maybe) NOS ... I'm not gonna lose to any more Rice Boys :-)  Windows have been professionally tinted, and the body has received a 5 coat base-clear paint job (thanks in part to the loser who keyed it!). Rims are 6.5 X 15" 5-spoke ASA's with 225/50/15 Goodyear Eagle GT's,but I'm planning to mount 225/45/17 Yokohama AVS sports on 7 X 17" Katana Concept-5 wheels to get the most out of the performance suspension.  I have already changed the red pinstripe to a silver that matches them!  Needless to say, I love my car and I have enjoyed reading the comments of other proud C/S owners.

Aiden Hawnt


ICQ: 35842901 (I don't often use my ICQ account though)