Richard & Turkan Johnson

Ramstein, Germany

91 Daytona CS

1. VIN: 1B3XG24J8MG110849

2. Name: Richard & Turkan Johnson

3. Location: Ramstein, Germany

4. My wife and I bought the car in October 1992.  The car was a display model for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) new car program.  They had been shuttling the car around Europe as a display model.  We moved to Brussels, Belgium 2 months after we were married in Istanbul, Turkey.  This was our first purchase together, so it holds a special place in our hearts.  Also, the bank would not approve us for a loan on a new Plymouth Acclaim.  The car had 104 miles on the odometer when I picked it up in Bremerhaven,  Germany.  I have every piece of work done on the car, but the only thing I do not have is the original window sticker.  It was not there when I picked up the car.

We spent six years in Brussels, Belgium, before I was reassigned to Izmir, Turkey.  So a Belgian friend of mine who owns an American Car Repair Shop
put my car on his showroom floor as a display while I did my two year tour in Turkey.

I have since moved to Ramstein, Germany, and immediately went and picked up my baby.  We are back cruising the famous German Autobahns again.

My car is bone stock, ecxept for an aftermarket coil, because the one in my car went bad.  The head has been replaced.  It loved to use water, so I think the head was warped, and it cracked the head between the intake and exhaust valves on the number 3 cylinder.  I even have two of the original Gatorback tires it came with.

The car has 44,500 miles on her.  She is a beautiful blue with deluxe cloth interior.  She has absolutely no options except for tilt steering and a rear
defroster.  But she has what is important the AGS option.

For those of you who don't get to take these cars out and run them all out...If you get a chance....DO IT!!

My baby cruises at 105 MPH, and has no problem doing 135 MPH.  She does not like to be below 70 in 5th gear.  The BMWs, Mercedes, and Audis get out of
my way, and no one in a Camaro or Mustang wants anything to do with me.

I will send a picture when I get her cleaned up this spring.