Bill Countie

Lowell MA

86 Daytona Turbo Z CS

Dan Culkin's old Daytona C/S will be changed to a 2.2L automatic after I repair the floor and radiator support.  I will use the same GLHS computer, Mitsu turbo (for running around town) 2.5" exhaust with catco cat and Dunomax turbo muffler.  I will put in black cloth seats and  a set of crab wheels as Dan still has the painted ones as well as the engine and tranny so that is why I must replace them.  I will use an '87 radiator cooler and a polished late TI intake and 2.5L TI injectors.  The radio will be a later model MOPAR CD player.  The cup holder will stay.  I will use KYB shocks and stock C/S springs. A picture of Dan's old car (my new car):