Sean Boire

Pembroke, Ontario, CANADA

86 Daytona CS

1. VIN: 1C3BA64E4GG163707

2. Name: Sean Boire

3. Location: Pembroke, Ontario, CANADA

4. INFO:

I bought this car from a local junkyard for 200 CDN!! It had a rod knock, and the body is as you see it!! Original engine was rebuilt and I drove it for about a year before stumbling across a complete 87 Shelby Z that had been put in the ditch! Since then I have transplanted the complete engine,tranny,wiring harness from the Shelby Z and have turned the 86 CS into an intercooled rocket!! Other mods are Talon BOV, 3 inch shortened shifter, 2-1/2 mufflerless exhaust, 88 roller cam, 5th injector, grainger valved to 15 PSI, A-555 tranny, got rid of the PCV system, mnivan brakes and calipers, SHELBY valve cover and of course a set of 16 inch pumpers for it to ride on!! In our little city of 15000 people, it is feared by all the 4 cylinders out there!! The car also has T-tops, power mirrors,seats,windows,rear defrost,tinted windows and the rear sunvisors as well!