Bill Countie

Lowell MA

86 CS


I recieved this Daytona from a fellow MML Member Dave Clement. The codes are here:

D 3 26 164572




512 DP830103 DDF U


GVS24 1B3BA64EXGG261797

Which makes my car a red T-top turbo, 525 transmission, black interior, leather seats, A/C, cruise, console, tilt steering, rear defroster, courtesy lights, sound deadening and performance package (the C/S I guess). Any more information that can be gleaned from this code will be appreciated. Due to the leaky T-tops, the build sheet was history by the time I pulled up the carpet. I got it with over 131,000 miles on it, I fixed the drivers side and spare tire well floor which had extensive rot as was the rest of the floor in places. I replaced the wonky tilt steering with one from a '85 Laser. I installed an Infinity AM-FM cassette from an 89 Lebaron as well as the CD player, replaced the door speakers with a pair from another 89 Lebaron. I kept the cup holder and modded it to accept the CD player so I have both. Got a set of Crab wheels from an 88 Shelby Daytona, Interior carpet and velour seats (the two leather sets I have look beat up) from 3 different Daytonas and Lasers from 1984-86 (all black). A cam from an '88 TBI and lifters were needed and the roller rockers were used as well. The A/C works after replacing the condenser with a minivan unit, Freon, new lines and drier, it now runs R134. A set of Swiss cheese wheels came with the car, the crab wheels were installed. I found a rear sun visor that needed some TLC but fit well and keeps the car cooler. I have installed a Navigator and a VDO boost gauge since I make more boost. I replaced all the rusty stuff in the spare tire well so it looks almost new. The 525 was replaced by a rebuilt 555 transmission from Cliff Ramsdell. Cliff also rebuilt my engine using a 1987 TII lock, cast crank, forged pistons, TII rods, 1989 TII intake, GLHS II electronics and a super 60 computer. Monroe GP fronts and KYB shocks rears are installed. I was looking for a good looking Mopar to work on when Dave gave me this car. I was surprised I fit into it as it was smaller than any car I had ever owned. The T-top gives me an extra inch or so for comfort. Gary Donovan modded a GLHS II computer to alter the fan temp to 190F and removed the over boost and a double core Mopar intercooler for her. All Dave has asked from me was to drive it to his place for a ride when I'm finished. He was surprised!

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Bill Countie

Lowell MA