Shane Sellers

Winchester, VA

89 Daytona CS

1. VIN: 1B3XG24A4KG235215

2. Name: Shane Sellers

3. Location: Winchester, VA

4. I purchased my 89 Daytona from a man in Winchester who didn't know what he had.  I paid 1000 dollars for it.  At first I didn't know what I had til I
read Dempsey Bowling's page.  Of course when I found out, I was elated.  When it was purchased, it badly needed a short block so I got a short block from a
LeBaron GTC.  It was a turbo I block unfortunately but it still runs well.  107,000 miles on the odometer without proper oil changes destroyed the block
as the pins worked loose and wreaked havoc.  Good news was the turbo was new.
The only mod is the addition of a Pioneer Cd player.