1990 Daytona C/S AGS VNT (SOLD!)

Vin# 1B3XG24COLG441490

This car is the competition package. According to Dempsey Bowlings site, it is 1 of 21 and features the TIV engine I first was hooked on the Shelby Dodges when my oldest brother sold me his '85 GLHT. After a few months, I started to have engine problems, and since I knew very little about cars at the time, and couldn't find a mechanic who wouldn't jerk me around, I opted to sell it. I was going through the car classifieds when I came across an Ad for a black VNT Daytona. I was excited right away b/c I always liked the Daytona body styles, and I was just doing reading up on the VNT's and really wanted to get one. I went up right away to meet the guy and decided to buy the car right away. It was in rough shape to begin with. The guy who I bought it from was the original owner, a mechanic, and let the car sit for about a year. So not only did it have some bugs to work out, but there were a lot of small things wrong with the car b/c the guy did most of his own work on it. To make a long story short, I purchased the car mid October '99 and by the beginning of December I blew the engine. The car is up and running better than ever, but still has far to go! Purchased the car for $2900 with 85,xxx...now has 89,xxx.


K&N Drop in Air Filter

Magnecor Wires

NGK spark plugs

JE Forged Pistons .040 over

Re-calibrated computer, 3-bar map sensor and new selenoid

20% injectors

255 litre per hour fuel pump

Stage One VNT turbo upgrade

Cyberdyne 02 gauge


VDO Boost Gauge

KYB Gr-2 Gas Struts and Shocks

Sony Xplod CDX C8050X CD player

Sony Xplod xs-33 tweeters 3"

Sony Xplod xs-V1331 5 1/4"

Sony Xplod xs-F1021 4"

Future Mods:

2 1/2" Mandrel bent Exhaust system w/ cat

paint job

re-upholster interior

tint windows

1991 C/S Daytona AGS (SOLD!!)

Vin# 1B3XG24J7MG110258

I was looking around for parts for my VNT Daytona, when my brother called up an auto-body that was close by and found out that they had a complete '90 daytona. We went to check it out, and the first two things I noticed were the 16" CS pumpers and the C/S badges. I was going to take just parts from this car, but the car was in such great condition that I needed to just take the whole thing. It still needs some more looking over, but so far it seems that this car was stolen (locks on both doors were popped w/ a screw driver) and the ignition for the key is missing. It also needs a new clutch, a few minor detail work to the body (prop up side view mirrors, pop out a few dents, etc..). Purchased in June '00 for $1,000. Mileage 115,xxx.

Cars were sold in early 2003. Current owner unknown