Tylar Gilman

Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Tylar says he will send pictures when his car is finished--Darren Dawes


88 CS

VIN: 1B3YA64A7JG429278


exterior: Code PW7-Bright White, red pinstrips and decals/badges.

interior: Grey, with air bag, cloth, power everything, even cruise.

Car is loaded to the hilt with every option avaliable including a navigator that was fixed by Steve Harrity (glhs295@doubled.com) except leather and T-Tops, but it does have the sun roof. Has 6.6 Crab wheels wearing 225/50/15, and upgraded minivan brakes up front to help the rear disc's for stopping power. Only other thing I need to find or get (hint, hint) is a set of louvers for it with all of the brackets for the back glass and the "zeus fasteners" to go with it.

I replaced the blown 2.2 TII engine with a 90 2.5 TI common block out of a caravan and is mated with a A-555 transaxle. Block is bored .030, crank turned .010 and .010, balanced, and removed the balance shafts for good. I used Keith Black 390 Series Hyperutectic Blower pistons, speed pro rings, Michigan 77 bearings, Hi-po oil pump and a custom low restriction pickup tube, the oild one was bad for Hi-po flow. The head is a "Bathtub" head off of an 85 Newyorker, it has a rounded 3 angle valve job, ported and polished, shaved .010 to make the deck flat, MP .460 lift cam and matched springs.Induction is Handled by a 2 piece intake that is ported and polished as well, with a throttle body off of a 93 Chrysler NewYorker with a 3.8 V-6. The throttle blade itself has been shaved so that the outside radious is like a rasors edge, and causes less obstruction. The Turbo is a Garrett Ballistics Concept GT25, it incorporates true bearings on both the turbine and compressor side of the turbo, not just one. Set up is similar to the S60, but with some of my own custom mods to the housings and wheel radious points. I had Neil Emiro (neil@etsc.net) of ND Performance make me a custom computer to callibrate 16 psi of boost, 3 BAR Map sensor, and S60 injectors.

Only plans right now are to mount the Ram Pickup Cummins Intercooler, and put the stock intercooler on my 86 Turbo Z CS. Inside the car is an Autometer 4 1/2" tach with a MP Boost gauge mounted right beside it. I removed the factory boost gauge, painted the back side of the plactic in the message center black where the stock boost gauge was, cut a 2" hole in it and put my A/F gauge there. It has the Premium High Line Infinity stereo in it with a Mopar 6 disc CD changer that I put in it.

86 Z CS

VIN: 1B3BA64E8GG262544

New engine in car because previous owner neglected to fix oil leaks and ran it out of oil. Bored .030, recondition rods with ARP bolts, swirl port head, ported & polished, 3 angle valve job, Custom 14 psi ND computer with "803's" K&N air filter, custom mandrel bent exhaust made by me for less than $100, curious- e-mail me and I will tell you how, and what/where to get all of the supplies.

I bought the car because I have always wanted one. This car was bought new from our Dodge Dealership new in 1986 (308-632-4163), I was 10 at the time and fell in love with it, and now 12 years later at a price of $1500 it IS mine. Car had brand new 225-50-15 on it with the cleanest set of Crab wheels I have ever seen on a used car. It has full black leather interior,T-Tops- locks still work and all, power everything, navigator, A/C, cruise, tilt, digital dash, and message center with boost gauge, Infinity radio cassette/CD. Take bra off of the car and the nose looks like new. None of the structure is broken, bent, ripped or otherwise damaged. This is the only car I have personally seen with a nose in this good of shape,ever. Car has gotten a best of 35 mpg driving on I-80 through Nebraska, and a worst of 16 mpg bucking a nasty headwind on the prairie land highways of Nebraska. No stats on time slips yet, racing doesn't start here until April 11th. Future plans are to take the TII intercooler and radiator out of my 88 Daytona with TII, put this in the 86 and put the nice big intercooler out of a 98-99 Ram Pickup with a Cummins Turbo Diesel. Hey guys, try those turbine and compressor housings on for size. Maybe some of the torque will rub off on my car, never know. Have fun with your car, and drive safely, but don't quit having fun, you know let's not get stupid here.

My family has owned a Dodge dealership there for 68 years now. Anyone can call 308-632-4163 Mountain time and ask for me, Jim, or Ralph for parts help or locators.

Tylar Gilman

2401 Highland DR.

Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361

School: tgilman@cscu.csc.edu

Dealership: gilmanmo@prairieweb.com