Devon Huerta

Indianapolis, Indiana

88 Daytona CS

1. VIN: 1B3CA44E7JG386143

2. Name: Devon Huerta

3. Location: Indianapolis, IN

4. INFO:

Exhaust run straight off swing-valve.

G-valve to 18 PSI

Cone filter

Zener diode

A/C compressor and power steering pump removed

RN9YC plugs

MP plug wires

MP head gasket


I bought my C/S in December 2001 for $125.  It's a 5 speed Turbo 1 2.2 with no options, no bulge hood, no g-effects, power nothing and a factory blow-off valve. The person who had the car before me didn't take very good care of it. I had numerous small, dumb repairs that I had to spend a week to fix. The steering rack was only attached to the K-frame with one bolt, and it was loose.  The brake fluid reservoir was bone dry and the vacuum lines were half gone.  I had to drive this car home like that when I bought it, in the rain with about 3 PSI of boost.  Surprisingly, the paint was in somewhat decent shape and the engine and turbo was clean.  I haven't had too many problems with the car, and I've been driving it ever since.   With the exception of a blown head gasket, the car has mechanically sound.