Thanks for visiting my Road Runner page!!!! It has arrived, sort of! I have I have finally started work on this page, and I have now finally put it up on the web. As of right now I have lots of info on 68 models, but need to add much info on the 75-80 models including stats and pictures. Even thought these were not their own model, they were part of the Volare line, they still were the most powerful for that line and year. So without anymore wait here it is!

On this page what I would like to do is outline most of the details of the Plymouth Road Runners from their start in 1968, to their end in 1980, so obviously I will have a "History of the Road Runner" spot on here somewhere, and then I will have pages dedicated to each individual year, with stats, current value of the cars, and any important misc. info that I think needs to be thrown in. Also I will have special pages devoted to special models of the Road Runner, like the 440 6 bbl, Mod Tops, HEMIs, and Convertibles.

If there is anything anyone would like to contribute, especially on post 74 Road Runners, then feel free to do so, but please no 100 meg pictures... I am limited on space. Also if anyone would want to help with some icons (since I don't have lots of experience) let me know...

Thanks.. and keep coming back for more, cause this page will be updated pretty regularly until it is completed.

If there is anything you want me to know, pics you want to send, or any questions, email me here.



Well after the idea of opening this page arose I really got into researching Road Runners and it has for some time now been my favorite car. So in trying to help things for this page, and all Road Runner lovers, I am going to start a Road Runner Registry (RRR). Hoping it wont take to much time. Also, the RRR is for ALL Road Runners, from show winners, to junkers, to already crushed Road Runners, so if you know of any Road Runners that have been crushed, send me any documentation, but at least a VIN.

The good thing about this is that there is NO FEE what so ever, unless you count the cost of a letter and a stamp. To get into the registry you must do two things, (1) You must want to increase the knowledge about Road Runners, owning a Road Runner helps too!! The condition isn't a big deal either, the purpose of this is not to find out how many condition (1) Road Runners there are, its to find out anything that we can. (2) You need to send me some info on the car. Here is what I will need:

(1) Either a photo of the fender tag, or a pencil rubbing, or a simple email of what is on the fender tag..

(2) Somehow I need confirmation of the VIN tag, I leave that up to you, a good picture will suffice, a copy (i.e. copy machine) of a current registration with all the info I don't need, i.e. personal stuff like the plate number, home address, all blacked out, or what ever you have that will prove the car. (this will need to be mailed or scanned and sent to me for confirmation)

(3) Copies (i.e. copy machine copies) of any info on the car, like broadcast sheet, window stickers, bill of sale, what ever that you feel is important about your car. This stuff is as much for me and other Road Runner enthusiasts as it is a place for you to have copies of your valuable info on your car.

(4) And last, I need a good, or as good as possible, picture of the car, multiple pics are good if you want, but not necessary.

As for the public availability of this information, it will NOT be public info, and only I or you will have access. You can consider this Registry to be an informal club, with no "actual" meetings. It can and probably will be a way for other RR owners to get in touch with people of similar cars, to ask questions, etc. etc. None of the info will be posted on the WWW unless specified by the owner of the vehicle, no personal info or important info on the car will be posted either. (shoot, Im the last person who wants their car walking away from the garage by it self!)

That will about do it for stuff I need, I am trying my best to keep from getting fake cars, and hope that everyone who registers does own a Road Runner, I just want this Registry to be as accurate as possible. So now that I have told you what I need, you can send it here:
Now, a few interesting cases have arose where some one is missing some form of the documentation I said I wanted, well, my sole purpose in this whole RRR thing is to document ANY AND ALL Road Runners, from show winners, to pieces of junk in someone's yard. I even want VIN numbers, fender tags, what ever, from, *sniff*, crushed Road Runners! So if you don't have what Im seeking, it doesn't really matter, as long as you can prove to me its a Road Runner!

To Register On-Line, Click here: Road Runner Registry On-Line Registration!!

If you're not that computer savvy, OR have a lot of into you want to submit, please email me. I can get you my mailing address or phone number if you want to talk.


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