The Plymouth Road Runner began in 1968 with the introduction of the first edition of this wonderful muscle car. A stripped down, meant to perform car, geared toward the younger crowd, could be had with no less than a 335 HP, 425 lbs/ft torque, 383 cubic inch Big-Block V8, backed by THE Chrysler A-833 4-speed shift for your self trans. There were only two body options, unfourtunatley there was no convertible offered this year (this will change in 1969). The options were Hardtop and Coupe, the only noticable difference between the two being the rear side windows. On a Hardtop these windows will roll down, on the Coupe these windows merly push out at the back. This is becuase of the needed structural support just in front of the window. But if every last pound counts, the Coupe is lighter! The interior was sparse, similar to a taxi-cab, with a black bench seat interior being standard, with very few options. One way to upgrade the interior was the option of Decor Group, which added more interior colors, steering while with partial horn ring, pillar molding, and deck lid treatment. The only avaliable option for an engine was a step up, a HUGE step up, to none other then THE engine, the 425 HP, 490 lbs/ft touque 426cid fire breathing HEMI!


VIN Code system:

The VIN tag is located on the dash, in front of the driver, at the base of the windshield. It is different for all Road Runners, but can be desifered very easily. (68s might be in the drivers door jamb, if this is correct, let me know)
Most VINs will look something like this:


And can be desifered with the following info:

R- car line, Plymouth Belvedere (yes, it was part of the Belvedere line
M- price class, medium
21- body style (21=2 door coupe; 23=2 door hardtop)
H- Engine code (H-383cid; J-426cid HEMI)
8- year code (1968)
A- assembly plant (A=Lynch Road; E=Los Angeles; G=St. Louis)
XXXXXX- sequence number (starts at 100001)

Engine Type:  CID HorsePower @rpm: Torque(lbs/ft) @rpm: Compression: Bore (in.) Stroke (in.) Valve train:
V-8 B-Block 383 335 @ 5200 425 @ 3400 10.0:1 4.25 3.38 Hydraulic
V-8 RB-Block HEMI 426 425 @ 5000 490 @ 4000 10.2:1 4.25 3.75 Mechanical
383 High Performance, 2843906 (casting number), 88cc volume 4-barrel, (w/ manual) Carter AVS4426S, (w/ auto) Carter AVS4410S, (w/ auto & A/C) Carter AVS46358
425 High Performance, 2780559 (casting number) (2) 4-barrel, (front) Carter AFB4430S, (rear w/ manual) Carter AFB4431S, (rear w/ auto) Carter AFB4432S



2 door coupe- $2,896.00

2 door coupe -- 29,240*


2 door hardtop- $3,034.00

2 door hardtop -- 15,358*

Total production -- 44,598

*- as of right now I dont have break downs of the Hemi production, manual prodution, automatic production, etc etc, but I will soon.

What is it?
73 426ci engine 714.30
304 vinyl roof 81.60
306 vinyl roof 81.60
307 vinyl roof 81.60
351 basic Group (N/A w/ 426 cid) 192.30
355 light package  26.45
358 High-performance axle (w/ 383 cid only, NA w/ 359) 87.50
359 Trailer Towing Package (w/o 411) 24.50
359 Trailer Towing Package (w/ 411) 14.35
360 Road Runner Decor Group 79.20
395 TorqueFlite Automatic 38.95
408 Sure Grip Differential (w/ HD performance axel) 138.90
411 Air Conditioning (NA w/ HEMI) 342.85
418 Rear Window Defogger 21.30
420 Solid State AM radio w/ tape player 196.25
421 solid state AM radio 61.55
426 rear seat speaker 14.05
451 power brakes 41.75
456 power steering 94.85
473 automatic speed control)(NA w/ 426 cid, 451 required)  52.50
478 front disc brakes) (451 required) 72.95
481 front bumper guards 14.55
482 rear bumper guards  15.55
483 front and rear bumper guards 31.10
484 clock (NA w/ tachometer) 16.05
508 Performance hood paint treatment  17.55
521 tinted glass (all windows) 39.50
522 tinted glass (windshield only) 22.35
529 custome sill molding  20.45
531 left head restraints  21.95
532 right head restraints  21.95
533 left and right head restraints  43.90
536 Remote outside drivers side mirror  9.40
537 manual outside passenger side mirror  6.65
540 belt molding (std w/ vinyl roof)  13.20
547 Center pillar molding (2dr coupe)  4.10
551 foam front seat cushion (w/ bench seat) 8.30
565 armrest w/ ashtrays (Road Runner coupe)  8.10
566 2 rear shoulder belts 26.45
571 full horn ring steering wheel 14,90
573 sport simulated steering wheel 31.20
577 Tachometer (NA w/ clock) 48.70
579 undercoating w/ underhood pad  16.10
580 styled road wheels 14 in (NA w/ 426 HEMI) 97.30
583 3 speed windshield wipers  5.20
591 46 amp alternator 11.00
626 70 amp battery (std w/ 426 HEMI) 8.10
708 special buffed paint 21.95
Because of the large number of codes, I could have very easily missed some, if you see some I have, please let me know.

AA1 Silver Metallic
BB1 Black
CC1 Medium Blue Metallic 
DD1 Pale Blue Metallic
EE1 Dark Blue Metallic
FF1 Light Green Metallic
GG1 Dark Green Metallic
HH1 Light Gold
JJ1 Medium Gold Metallic
LL1 Light Turquoise Metallic
MM1 Medium Bronze Metallic
PP1 Red
QQ1 Bright Blue Metallic
RR1 Maroon Metallic
SS1 Yellow
TT1 Medium Green Metallic
UU1 Light Blue Metallic
WW1 White
XX1 Beige
YY1 Medium Tan Metallic


INTERIOR CODES:(bucket seats were NOT avaliable in 1968)

Black N/A H4X
Parchment (white) D4L N/A
Blue D4B H4B
Green N/A H4F
Red N/A H4R
Silver/Black D4S N/A
White/Blue N/A H4C
White/Green N/A H4D
White/Red N/A H4V
Gold/Black N/A H4N


Black 306
White 307
Green 304