For those of you who don't already know, I happen to own a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, click here to go look at it, and have been in the process of restifying the ole Bird to get it back into somewhat original trim. So odviously the species of 69 Road Runner holds a place near and dear to me, so you might find that this page will be a little longer and a little better than the rest. This is becuase I know more about 69 Road Runners than probably any other MoPar!

After Chrysler's great success with the 1968 Plymouth Road Runner, being it a first year model with prospected sales only in the few thousands, The 44+ thousand that sold was a welcome sign! Things then took a turn for the better! Chrysler scaled up the options list on the car, but still held on to the same idea of bare bones stock performer. But if you had the pennies to spend this car could be had with many more options, including interior options (such as bucket seats w/ console!), a mid-year intro of a new engine/performance package, more exterior options like performance hood treatment, and many more.

This page last updated November 2, 1996