Summer 1998

    Well, again this summer Im taking autobody classes to work on the car!! Even though I could use my own garage, I would rather use their tools, dirty their shop, and use their $50,000 paint booth, can ya blame me?!

May/June- Got the car out of storage, didnt do much with it over the winter besides make sure it was still there. If you remember from last summer I got the passenger side rear quarter and wheel housing on but didnt get the drivers side finished. So you can see where this is going. I did exactly the same thing to this side as the other, drilled out every weld and pulled the old quarter off, put new quarter on. I was planning on putting a wheel housing on this side, but this one was in such good shape I didnt want to mess with it and just reused the factory one. (so if anyone wants to buy a reproduction drivers side wheel housing, from the Paddock, let me know!). Of course I painted the inside, and welded everything together strong, just need to finish the outside.

July - Finished the front fenders off completely, ready to paint the underside and bolt back on. (yes, this is going slow!!)
Fixed a hole thats in the cowl, dont know how it got there, but it was a big one!!! Bolted doors back on to make sure that where the new quarters wrap that everything was ok, and it was.

August - Well, as usual, when August roles around, not much gets done, this summer not a whole lot got done, especially since I was working on my 1996 Indy Ram at the same time. So now the car is back in storage.

Till Next Summer :)

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