Summer of 1996 

May/June-- Got it home, then proceded to pull engine, started, then got to point where I needed help... (it sat for 3 weeks!). Got help, got engine out! YES!!!!! Ok... engine out, now begin on real work...

Mid June-- I pulled the front fenders off (after much cussing!) and then borrowed an air compressor, and sand blasting equipment from a good friend. I have now begun this Saturday (7-13-96) to sandblast the engine compartment to prep for paint (body color). I am going to strip it down to bare metal, and clean up all the rust. Its not bad, going pretty smoothly, but there are like 3-4 layers of paint to go through, so its not as fast as I would like.

July-- Hopefully by Wednesday I will have the enging compartment done, and primed with PPG epoxy primer, and sealed with PPG K36 primer/sealer and ready for paint. I also hope I will have all the undercoating off to redo that also.

The next step is to begin the tear down of the engine, to check for correctness, and to put new bearings throughout....

(I had pictures. Unfortunatley for me, someone decided they needed my camera more than I did! :( )

August -- Got engine completly down to nothing, and recently bought a set of 915 heads for it, I want the engine to look stock, but run better!! Also pulled doors off so I can get to things better!

Auguet 9, 10, 11-- went to Mopar Nats this weekend with specific plans to find some RR parts, speciffically a driver's side splash shield, and I found one! YESSS!! also found a new front valance piece and the hood latch support that attaches to the valance, and got em both for 30 bucks!!! Granted the valance does have 2 little dings in it, but they are both accessable, so I can get em out! Hey, its better than the .22 sized hole in my original!

August 16--- I put the RR in storage today, it will be there till christmas break, it still has no engine (which is in pieces), and no front end, I hope to pull the front suspension to detail it, and the engine compartment is ready for paint, but I have to patch the hole where the battery tray sat (going to get a piece of a inner fender from a 68 B-body around here), then I will shoot color. Not much till Christmas.

Plans for the future:

This winter I want to do a few things to get the RR ready for next summer, when I can work on it again, slowly! I
want to get all the suspension out from under it so I can detail it, (but first need to find a way to move it with no suspension! any suggestions??), want to get the gas tank, and tranny out from under it also. then all the brake lines need to go, for all new ones, ($$$$), and that should do it, I would like to put two new rear quarters on it, that would be cheaper and faster than working with the ones on it! I at least want the front part of the pass side rear quarter if nothing else.. looks like the previous owner slid it into a telephone pole right behind the passenger side door :(

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