Summer 1995

    This summer started out with the intention of just doing a "repaint" and boy did I get in over my head. Im not going to write alot hear about this summer, because not a whole lot happened.

To start out I started stripping the car down to bare metal. The truck lid was first, this is where I discovered I needed to get a new trunk lid :). And from there I worked my way forward. At the same time this was going on, I was still driving the car and going to car shows with it (can you say "unfinished class?"), even though primer was growing all over the car like a really bad rash.

Eventually towards the middle of the summer I found out new quarters would be a good idea since the lower parts of the rear quarters were BRAZED in place... and it was cheap tin sheet metal to boot!! Plus, to make this thin metal "blend" with the rest of the car there was body filler through out!!!!!

Finally I parked the car so I could work on it all the time, since I was taking autobody classes to work on it, I had lots of time. So the bumpers came off, the doors came off, hood came off, bumpers came off, etc etc.... at some point I even had a new top put on (since I thought I was just going to repaint it!!)

Thats really about all I got done, this summer was basically just finding out what needed to be done, and it was ALOT!!

Till next summer :)

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