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Well, lookie here! an update!!!!! Thats right! My Road Runner has been sitting in my garage, in pretty much the same shape as shown on the front page. Thank goodness I have a garage, or the car could actually be in bad shape.

Anyway, I graduated in May of 2000 from Purdue with an engineering degree. I then set off to find a job (check), and buy a house (check). In that time the Road Runner does what many projects do, it sat, and became a shelf in my garage. This past Mopar Nats I finally got tired of it sitting, and decided I need to do something with the car. I started clean it off, and organizing the garage, in hopes that I might be able to work on it soon. Ive put together an action plan of what needs to be done, how much money I need to spend, and basically just need to get off my butt and get started. This winter Im going to work on clearing the car of everything, taking the doors back off (I need new doors, or these need lots of work!), and really getting it ready to put back together. I figured in parts alone Im going to need $10,000 in reproduction/replacement parts, and then lots of time on top of that. I need to buy a new welder, and some body tools as well.

I figure this spring Ill be back to working on this car, as long as I get that 86 Omni GLH-T put back together this winter (brrrr!).

I think my spirits and desire to work on the car will greatly increase if I can get the front end back on it. Right now it looks so much NOT like a car, its depressing. I do have some minor disassembly to do (dash, gas tank, trans) before I really get into putting it back together. So I do get to start off some what easy. I mean, any idiot with some tools can remove things! ;)

Until Spring.......

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