Well here is it, my 1984 Dodge SE150 Royal Deluxe truck. I got it from my dad when I turned 16 years old, and it's what started my facination with MoPars, old and new.
My dad bought it new in 1984 and drove it for almost 9 years back and forth from work almost everyday. For the most part he kept if pretty nice looking, adding wheels, lowering it a bit, just little subtle things. Well about the time I was to get my license, the old slant six decided to quit, so out comes the Jasper 360/727 combo which gets dropped in. And the rest is history.... from there it went to the body shop and came out with new paint, shaved door handles, roll pan, smooth tailgate skin, and all trim was removed. This gave it a nice smooth look, then we added a Leer camper shell w/o windows, and a Lund Moonvisor. Next it went to the suspension shop and was dropped. Well that's just the beginning of a now 3 year custom change from work truck to driven only show truck (except for winter). My goals for the truck were for a truck I could drive, look good, and be totaly functional, and so far have done just that. Well last summer I started a new project with my 69 RR, but I still continued work on the truck, and dropped in a built 440. Gotta love all that power, and that exhaust note, whoa...

My truck at the 1998 Mopar Nats in the burnout contest... finished second to a guy with pre-bald tires :)

This is me and a friend, Matt, sitting in the stagins lanes waiting to get on the track to break stuff!

Here we are pulling out on to the track.... do you smell something bruning????????

Here is the start of the burnout........ man... thats just a lot of smoke for a start!!

Here we are about half way through... man... the truck is almost gone!!!!!!

Where is the truck??????!!!!!!! oh man.... there it is... :)

Here we are after the burnout... cant see the tower, cant see the grand stand... and cant see in front of us!
We had to air out the truck!

Here are a couple more pics a friend took from the stands!!! These two pretty much sum it up!!

Any one wanna play????? :)


Engine: 440 cid, bored .030 over.

Tranny: 727B Torqueflite

Exterior: Sikkens Dark Blue Poly, Neon Blue Poly, Purple Pearl

Exterior features: Shaved door handles and tailgate handle, emblems, antenna, tail lights, RAM hood ornament, trim, and front bumper bolts. Roll pan, Lund Moonvisor, Leer camper shell.

Interior: custom buckets, in Neon blue/Dark blue. (Soon to be full custom tweed)

Bed of Truck: Full tweed interior, done by me.

Wheels: (currently) Budnik Switchblades w/ BFG 265/50/15 Euro radials on 15x10's in the rear, and BFG 195/65/15 on 15x7's in the front.

Suspension: (Front) Chisholm 5" drop, (Rear) Custom built (by Moser) 8 3/4 w/ 3.91 gears, and an Auburn sure grip.

Stereo: Kenwood 906 head unit, Kenwood 10-disk CD changer, Alpine BBE, (2) Rockford Fosgate Punch 40, (1) Rockford Fosgate Punch 200, (1) Rockford Fosgate 15" Power Series sub, (2) Rockford Fosgate audiophile 5.25" mids, (2) Rockford Fosgate audiophile 6.5" mids, (2) Rockford Fosgate ND-4 tweets, (2) Rockford Fosgate 8" punch (mid-bass), (center channel) (1) Rockford Fosgate 3" Audiophile & (1) Rockford Fosgate ND-4 tweet.

Stereo Accessories:Rockford Fosgate 1/2 farrad capacitor (which I blew up on the way from back from the 98 Nats!), all Rockford Fosgate wires, and fuse blocks (2), and two Sound Quest circuit breakers.

Security: Viper 600hf w/ perimiter and voice.


 This is the 440 in my truck. It includes: Crane Cam, Crane lifters, Crane pushrods, Crane double valve springs, MP 2.08 and 1.74 valves, 906 heads moderatley ported, polished, and milled, w/ 3 angle valve job, TRW 10.5:1 forged pistons, stock crank and rods, Eldebrock Performer intake, dual Eldebrock 1405 carbs, Mopar Performance Ignition w/ chrome box, and Headman Headers.

This is the back of my truck, ya know the part all the Chebbys and Furds see the most of!!! Note the Calvin decals, and the NO CHEVY license plate!

During the 1996 DeQuion Street Machine Nationals I had the 'Calvin' stickers permanetly etched into the back glass, they look great! Over the last christmas (96) I finally got the fuel cell in it, and the old 35 gallon monster tank out of there.. looks quite good, need to get some pics of it up!

Current plans for the truck include getting the interior up front finished, or to find a really good Rod shop to do it for me. I also plan to maybe take the cap off and put a hard tonneau cover on it, but dont know yet.

Nuff for now!

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