Chris' 1986 GLHS H/J Bodies page

Owner: Stefan Mullikin
Stats: 1985 Dodge Lancer ES
The Lancer is a 1985 Dodge Lancer ES Turbo. I purchased it for $250 with a blown headgasket and a blown turbo. I replaced the head gasket and swapped the turbo off of my 86 GLH-T (RIP) since the original one had snapped the shaft in two. One of the genious mechanics that the former owner took it to had disconnected the oil feed line to the turbo and capped it off since as he put it "they always plug up anyway" <---Idiot, use good oil and a proper cool down time and it will be just fine! So, now it has a very tired turbo (screeches when cold), transmission (slow shifts to second, etc), suspension (14" rims with 185 70's, ugh!) and interior. It does have all of the options. PW/PDL, Digital Dash, Navigator, Sunroof, corny rear spoiler and stripes (installed by previous owner) it will soon have A/C, a new turbo (Mitsu off of the common-block 2.5L I'm putting in my Rampage) along with the 2.5L T1 intake/exhaust manifolds, a fresh transaxle, lowered springs (probably clamps) KYB struts, 15" pizza wheels with SLH minivan brakes, etc. It should be fun! I've already installed a boost gauge where the "message center" goes on the left side of the dash (you can see the message center in the picture I've provided)

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