Chris' 1986 GLHS G Bodies page

Owner: Stan Watkins
Stats: 1988 Daytona Pacifica T-II
Mileage: 99,500
I finally finished my 88 Pacifica TII. I stripped the paint, and repainted it using the Mopar golden white pearl color. I detailed the engine compartment and painted it to match the car. The car originally came as a TI auto. The engine was in dire need of a rebuild due to bad workmanship from a head replacement (lots of water in the oil). I rebuilt the car as a TII using parts from an 87 Shelby Daytona. Mods include an ND computer set for 15lbs boost and a K&N filter. Pics attached. I named the car "The White Tornado" If anybody needs info on how to do this sort of conversion I would be glad to share what I know. Also, I have more pictures of the restoration if any one would like then, just email me.

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