Chris' 1986 GLHS AA Bodies page

Owner: Rob Reese
Stats: 1992 Dodge Spirit R/T - Turbo III
Mileage: 65000
After the selling of the GN, the search was on for a family car. My wife said it had to be a four door and since I'm me, it had to have performance as well. We decided on a Spirit R/T; fast and four doors. Now could we actually find one. Luckily, after about a weeks worth of searching, we found a "rare" '92. It only had 11k miles on it and was a deal we couldn't pass up. The performance of the car was incredible, I was knocking off Mustangs and IROCs and even a couple of 4th gen. Z28s. A sleeper if there ever was one. The best I did on the Vericom was 14.4 sec. with a 60' time of 2.7 sec. Knowing how the Firebird was, I think at the track it could get real close to 14.0 or better. As for the rare part, Dodge only made this car for 2 years, '91 (1208 made) and '92 (191 made). Still have this one. The only performance parts on the car include a K&N air filter, and Magnecor wires.

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