Chris' 1986 GLHS L2 Bodies page

Owner: Rick Diogo
Stats: 1987 Charger GLHS #160 (16v)
Mileage: 6,000 on DOHC motor
The car features a 16 valve DOHC Maserati TC engine with an NEW A-568 transaxle, with Posi Traction. The cylinder head is actually made by Cosworth, the same company who made the cylinder head on the Chryco concept car called "The Wraith" The enigne origionally featured a tiny IHI turbo, a 46mm TB, an intake manifold which looks something like a mix between a 1 piece intake and a 2 piece intake mounted in the front of the motor (to provide for the Cross Flow design of the Cosworth head). The exhaust Manifold looks like a header from the factory. All four runners converge into one common, centrally located, flange. The velocity numbers, (stock) are astounding. The head itslef is very similar in design to the Hans Herman head used at Shelby. It has no lifters, but instead features lifter buckets, on which the cam rides directly on. Both intake and Exhaust cams are identical. The engine is the Chrylser "Common Block" with a Billet Steel crankshaft, forged steel rods, and FULLY forged FACTORY pistons (Not turbo II cast Mahle pistons) I have only run the car once since the DOHC motor has been in it. In complete STOCK trim, including STOCK turbo, STOCK intercooler, and STOCK 46mm throttle body on 14 PSI boost the car ran 13.0 @ 109 MPH in 90 degree temps.

Since then, the car has now recieved a Huge Front mount intercooler, T04/T3 hybrid turbo, and Full 3" exhaust (From swing valve to exhaust tip). The head and all manifolds have now been ported and polished, and the intake cam has been shimmed. Additionally, the 46mm TB has been removed and a 60mm Holley TB now resides in it's place. Inside the vehicle is a Shelby Signature steering wheel, AM/FM/CD infinity sound system. A cockpit adjustable greddy boost controller regulates boost pressure electronically (with the help of the Turbonetics Deltagate under the hood). Mounted inside the A-Pillar is a FLUSH mounted Autometer Boost gauge. Where the a/c vent used to be on driver's side is an EGT gauge. Factory Koni's all-around help keep the car stuck to the road. In the rear are a ADDCO 1" sway bar and road race springs. In the front are a 1 1/4 " sway bar with Road Race springs, and eurethane ENERGY SUSPENSION bushings. A Peter's adjustable dogbone rounds out the whole pkg. The front brakes are the 11" R/T brakes with 60 mm calipers. In the rear are VENTILATED 11" disks with 32 mm calipers. Est HP with new mods: 340 HP at the front wheels with around 374 HP at the flywheel. Car will be tested in the 1/4 in the next few upcoming weeks. Car should see SDAC-8 assuming all mods are complete by then.

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