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Owner: Mike Wimmer
Stats: 1986 Omni GLH Turbo-II
I currently have a 1986 GLH-T thats undergoing (as we speak) a conversion to a 2.5L turbo II with an A-555.  Because we did this almost all the engine related components etc have been upgraded. Here's a list

2.5L block, crank and rods (which have been balanced)
forged performance pistons
portmatched fastburn head
performance cam
MP valve springs
MP backcut valves
super 60 wiring harness
MP performance SMEC computer
3/8in braided fuel line
+20% injectors
FM adjustable fuel pressure regulator
FM underdrive pulleys
custom intake line w/ K&N cone filter
walbro fuel pumo (better then super 60)
balance shafts removed
brand new Garret TO4

and the list goes on, it's not quite finished yet
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