Chris' 1986 GLHS P Bodies page

Owner: Lyn Travers
Stats: 1989 Shelby CSX
Mileage: 64,000 (at time of purchase)
Looks to me like you need some P-Bodies...
My car was purchased used from a private investigator, and had 64K on the clock. The front air dam was trashed, so I removed it and put a 89 ES piece on it. I Bought one of the last 89 CSX air dams Jim Craig had and installed it in the spring of 1996. The only mods to the car are a high flow induction system, a Stu Davis Stage 2 SBEC, and a Recaro driver's seat... currently I'm working on repairing the passenger seat. In its first trip to the strip, (no Stage 2, K&N filter, no high flow induction, also MY first trip), the car ran a 15.3 at 96 MPH.

..... If I ever learn to launch .....

The top picture was taken during SDAC-96 at Heartland Park The next picture was taken at a SCCA driving school in 95, also at Heartland park, With Ed Peters at the wheel!

If you got Turbo Lag, you ain't drivin' it right! ... Carroll Shelby

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