Chris' 1986 GLHS H/J Bodies page

Owner: John Rudolph
Stats: 1990 Chrysler Lebaron GTC-VNT
The pictures here are of my 90' Lebaron GTC-VNT. As everyone knows there was only 25 LeBaron's produced with the T-IV. Mine is optioned out with everything but, Leather and Sunroof. My dad found me this car at an auto auction. Of course the owner/dealer didn't know what he had. I purchased it for 850 dollars.

I'm having fun with this car right now. It is my daily driver (still under 100k mi.) and I've been drag racing it. Everything I've done to this car is restorable. I have saved every piece removed or replaced. My modifications are..... 

K&N cone air filter (mounted under bumper), two stage G-valve system (15psi/18psi), G-valve cutout raiser, open exhaust, 65psi fuel press. reg., backseat is removed, custom hood w/ brand X power bulges, and lowered 1".
With this set-up my car has run a best of 14.7 @ 91mph w/ a 2.14 60' on street tires and runs consistent 14.8s.
Future Mods. include.....
N/D computer, 20% injectors, 3 bar map, hipo wires and coil, remove air conditioner, talon bov, custom exhaust, t3 clutch, t2 Intercooler relocated in grille, slicks, Air Bag rear suspension, new paint, and maybe NOS!

Other cars in my collection include 2-86' Omni GLH-T that I'm going to make into one. This car is going to be a full blown race car/trailer queen, a 70' Dart Swinger 340 (resto), and I just bought a 91' Spirit R/T. My dad has a 89' Shelby Dakota and a 40k mi. 87' GLHS.

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