Chris' 1986 GLHS P Bodies page

Owner: John Leggett
Stats: 1989 CSX-VNT
Here is my pride and joy. This a 1989 Shelby CSX-VNT # 83 of 498 made and 1 of 231 made with the Recaro seat option.  It came stock with the 195/60 tires but I have Faulkin VR 225/50 tires on the Fiberides.  My CSX was delivered to a Dodge dealership in Charlotte North Carolina.  It came from the Shelby factory in Whitter Californa with a Shelby VNT Turbo IV engine with 175 hp and 205 lbs of torque delivered through a 555 Getrag 5 speed.  Here is a list of the mods that have been done:
    1. TEC modified Garrett VNT turbo
        A. Bored with a different cartridged
        B. Exhaust side of turbo has been jet coated
    2.  ND Performance Computer
    3.  GM 3 bar map sensor
    4.  20%+ balance and blueprinter injectors
    5.  2 1/2" exhaust 
        A. High flow cat
        B. Dynomax muffler
    6.  K&N open cone filter
    7.  Bosch By-pass valve
    8.  Straight pipe from intercooler to throttle body
    9.  Jet coated Plenum runner
    10. Jamex PCV filter 
    11. Magnecor 8.5 Sparkplug wires
    12. Redline Synthic oil
    13. Redline Waterwetter in radiator
    14. Sinclair 93.5 octane gasoline with 104+ Boost only

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