Chris' 1986 GLHS G Bodies page

Owner: Joe O'Connor
Stats: 1985 Daytona Turbo Z
This is a 85 Daytona Turbo Z that i bought in 94 and just loved the car from day one. although it's my 5 th chrysler turbo car it's my favorite by far. It has 165 k miles on it but 9 k on rebuilt motor. Over the past 5 years it's undergone some major changes. When I got it, it would not out run a stock Mustang GT but now it has no problem with a heavily modified Mustang. It took allot of time and $$ as you all well know to transform this car into a big block eater but well worth it. My boss won't run me in his 70 chevelle SS 454 LS6, he's afraid to get the title "there's the man who got beat by a 4 cyl "oh well maybe one day.  Unfortunetly i haven't had it to the strip yet but i know it weighs 2600 # and somewhere in the neighbor hood of 325 to 335 hp and if it
won't rut AT LEAST 12.7 sec @ 112 mph I GIVE UP! I'll get it to the track this spring for sure. Hope you enjoy the pics, here is my list of mods, I did all the work my self except the machining. I did many hours / days of dremmel work, so much that can't be seen. 87 T-2 block bored .40 over, balanced. 
FM Enforcer 3 big valve head.
ARP Head studs.
F.M. .475 lift cam.
F.M 225# per hour fuel pump.
M.P. 53# per hour injectors.
F.M. adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
Fuel pressure gauge on rail. 
Ported & port matched t-2 intake for 56 mm throttle body. F.M. 52 mm throttle body. 
L.R.E. 200% smooth hose kit. 
K&N custom cold air induct from behind headlight. Custom turbo bypass.
20# of boost.
Custom dual Intercoolers. 
Battery moved to passenger side.
A-555 trans with limited slip differential. 
Centerforce 2 clutch and pressure plate. 225/50/15 Dunlop's on stock 87 wheels. 
M/T 22/8/15 slicks for the strip.
F.M. custom turbo header.
F.M. 2.5" swing valve assembly. 
2.5" custom exhaust back to a "megs" tip. No converter or muffler. M.P.
heavy duty motor mounts. 
Custom solid tans shock. 
Beefed up K frame and frame under radiator. M.P. 87 shelby glhs 2 stage computer. 
All 87 wiring and electronics.
Accel super stock coil and 8 mm wires.
L.R.E. adjustable boost controller.
125 mph speedometer.
K&N A/F monitor.
Auto meter 0 to 35 psi boost gauge.
VDO EGT gauge.....all indash mounted.
87 power seats/interior.
Hurst T-HANDLE with line lock button.
Rear line locks.
Lowered 2" all around.
Custom black outs.
4 wheel disk brakes. 
87 front ground effects with vents for increased flow to intercooler.
Custom cowl induction hood made from the T-1 and T-2 hoods. Custom paint. 
Everything stripped from interior that I could and still look stock. No rear bumper.
F.M. Underdrive pulley 
2600# everyday driver.


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