Chris' 1986 GLHS G Bodies page

Owner: James Richardson
Stats: 1985 Dodge Daytona Turbo-Z
This is my 1985 Turbo Z, fresh out of the bodyshop. The car had a hard life and it is not so slowly comming back to life. I found it not running and hacked apart by many uneducated mechanics, we got it running - who would guess four dead injectors? Six weeks later Bad winter drivers took the drivers side door, fender, and ground effects off it. Alyth Autobody was great at getting it back together. Then the clutch went a week after, 3 weeks after that the turbo went out of it. It is now powered by a 88 intercooled T-II, it is coming along fast. Suspension and wheels are from the same 88 Shelby-Z, For now, a MP computer boosts the engine, until the funds are available for an ND computer. Even after all the work I would not trade this car for anything.

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