Chris' 1986 GLHS AA Bodies page

Owner: "GUS" Mahon
Stats: 1989 "Slugmobile"
Slug is equipped with a 2.5 Turbo I, running through a 3 speed automatic. The Super 60 Turbo has rough impeller blades (driven with no air cleaner by accident). Boost control is provided by an Air solenoid valve allowing 2 levels of boost, selected by a toggle switch. The toggle switch is located on the dash... Down for 15lbs, up for 25.5lbs (used to hold 28)...Fuel injectors flow like 36 pounders while idling & cruising at 27PSI fuel pressure (stock was 33.3 lbs flow at 55PSI) A Paxton FMU, customized by myself raises fuel pressure as boost rises. I can control 2 different rates of gain from the dash with a toggle switch. Pressure of 75 PSI above boost turns injectors into 60 pounders. Extra stock fuel pump up front is turned on automatically at 12 lbs boost, insuring that 75PSI can be maintained. The lowdown on the engine is as follows: Block=stock, Crank & Rods=stock, Throttle body=stock 46mm, Pistons=stock, Rings=gapless, Manifolds=stock, unported, non-gasket matched. Head=85 bathtub chambers (lowers compression), valves 1mm oversize, in stock seats,runners unported. Stock headgasket. Intercooler=Spearco 20x8x3.5" core with end tubes pointing straight down to cross under the frame. Runners made from exhaust tubing & truck radiator hose. 2.25". Transmission=3-speed auto with full manual valve body. Extra plate in clutch pack. Positraction. Spider gear shaft peened in place. Suspension=Rear spring, driver's side has 2 wooden spring spacers reducing 6-coil spring to 4 coils, This is to lift weight off of the driver's side front. Rear passenger's side has one wooden block, & 1 set of clamps, reducing 6 coils to 4, while sitting lower, again to lift weight off of the driver's side front. Both front springs have been clamped down to 4 coils. Also, 2/32" toe-out set into fronts, with negative camber on all 4 wheels. Wheels=15"x6" aluminum stock rims. Street tires are 195/60/15. Racetrack fronts are 23" tall slicks, width of 7.5" (would equal 195/50/15) Exhaust=3" mandrel bent pipes with Walker Dynomax Ultraflow stainless muffler. Interior=Front half 100% stock; carpeting, stereo,cruise control, etc. Rear half is gutted & painted dark grey to match interior. Back doors are gutted (still lock & unlock, open & close.) Computer= stock computer fooled by a map sensor bleed-off to raise cutout point. As you can see that I've moved the fuel filter up front, and went to a larger unit. Easier to change. To the right of the fuel filter is the 2nd fuel pump which only comes on when I hit 12lbs of boost or more. In between is the little aluminum valve that keeps the map sensor from seeing high boost. Above that (just out of sight) is the blue Paxton FMU that raises fuel pressure as the boost climbs. I modified it to climb at whatever rate I want, with 2 preset levels available at the flip of a toggle switch on the dash. Easily visible in the dash picture is the little red light which tells me when the fan is on. The round black gauge is the rich-lean unit, the switch on the left is the high-low boost switch, the center toggle is for turning on & off the fan, the right toggle is down for a slightly rich fuel curve, and up for a slightly lean curve. A light out of the picture to the right tells me when the second fuel pump is on.

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