Chris' 1986 GLHS P Bodies page

Owner: Greg Amy
Stats: 1987 Shelby CSX
Mileage: 135, 000+
Here's my 1987 CSX that I have now (under restoration) that I raced 1989-1991. Info on the car? Well, I'm the original owner, bought it in November 1988 from Lone Star Dodge in Dallas, TX. Strangely, they had 3 of them sitting in the lot, a year after they were offered. Needless to say, I got a good deal on the car. The car currently has over 135,000 miles on it, of which about 15K were racing alone! It's first race was at Texas World Speedway in November 1988 for a Texas Region 2-hour Enduro. First National on the car was Texas' Double National in Feb 1989 where we were severely tromped. We qualified it for the SCCA Runoffs that year, but the whole year was spent fighting gremlins (underboost, overboost, fragged transaxles, handling, braking - it originally came with ATE/Teves brakes). By 1990 we had it all sorted out and won the Southwest Division and finished 7th at the Runoffs, and raced two 24hour events: Nelson Ledges and the IMSA 24 at the Glen. In 1991 the Diamond Star twins and the Nissan 300ZX were added to Showroom Stock A (plus SCCA came up with some real nifty boost recorders) so the CSX was beginning to be outclassed. Plus side to that: they didn't pay much attention to our cars and we started modifying them like crazy: Koni adjustable shocks, A-555 transaxles with limited-slip differentials, extra boost, internal engine work, Caravan brakes, and so forth. However, I realized we'd never pass Tech Inspection at the Runoffs with this car, so I finished the year by driving an Eagle Talon at the Runoffs and finished fifth (while the CSX - which got me the points to be there - watched from the Road Atlanta parking lot.) This car has been through various stages of restoration since its last race in August 1991. Right now it has over 135,000 miles on it, and the engine is still running strong. As you can imagine, 3 years of racing took its toll on the car, and I've had to re-weld the firewall, replace the K-frame and radiator support, and replace virtually every piece of sheet metal panel on it. As it sits, it's not the hottest car around, but it has its share of modifications. The engine is still a Turbo 1 long block, but we had rebuilt it with a cross-drilled "common block" and head. Everything was balanced and blueprinted with Total Seal rings, and the head was shaved .030" The head was a back-door gift from Ed Peters (back before when knowing Ed Peters was cool, when he was working for Dodge in Houston ), which featured "unshrouded" valve areas being run by a stock camshaft. We've tried many a combination of engine mods with little success. Another "back-door" gift from Dodge was one of the "Indy" intercoolers which look exactly as the stock one. I'm still running the original turbocharger pushing air through the stock throttle body and exhaust system. Since I've taken it off the track I installed a K&N air filter. On occasion, when the roving SCCA Tech Inspection crew didn't show at an event, I put in the Shelby Performance 14psi computer; of course, now it has it in there permanently. All this power is being driven through a '87-88 Shelby Z clutch bolted to a slightly-lightened flywheel, into an unmodified Getrag A-555 transaxle with one of the Shelby Performance limited-slip differentials. Other drivetrain components are stock; except for a set of 6.5" Shelby Performance wheels that look like the 1988 CSX-T wheels, but they are finished in black instead of white and have a wider offset (another back-door racing part from Shelby. We went through hell to get those approved for use...) Suspension components are all stock, except for adjustable Konis all around. Rear brakes are the solid-rotor Daytona Shelby Z ones (because stock CSX rear brakes were unobtainable) and the front brakes are from a '88 Voyager/Caravan. Plans for the car include: first getting it streetable and back in nice shape, then working on the suspension to be able to do the occasional track event. I'm not into drag racing, so I'll just keep my eye open for the next few Porsche club events at Lime Rock and Watkins Glen, and see if I can embarrass a 911 or two... The photo of my CSX was taken at the Ponca City Grand Prix, Ponca City OK, in July 1991. I don't have any photos of the car, except for racing!

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