Chris' 1986 GLHS G Bodies page

Owner: Gary Baker
Stats: 1988 Chysler Daytona Shelby Z
I bought this Daytona in December of 1991. It was my second Chrysler. My Daytona has received a Centerforce Clutch, K&N Air Filter Element, a SuperTrapp exhaust system and a reworked top end. The exterior has seen the addition of a phantom top, including the T-roofs - it's the same convertible material as used on Camaros and Porsches. Notice if you will, the 15x7" Diablo Rims, wearing Hankook 505s (225/50/15s) ... Future plans for my car include letting the suspension enjoy many new toys, and allowing the interior to be exposed to a 600 watt Panasonic/Alpine sound system.

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