Chris' 1986 GLHS L4 Bodies page

Owner: D. Gardner Lewis
Stats: 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo
Mileage: 98, 000
My wife uses it mostly - I baby it! She works a few miles away and we only use the two GLHs we have In the summer months. In the winter we have 2 K-cars. All cars have 2.2's this one (blue) I bought without a title and struggled for a year chasing down the guy for it. I bought it for $1400, and it was beat badly, it was going to the junk yard (I saved her from certian death) Drive train mostly bad, rubber was shot, and tranny was leaking so I dumped $1000 or so into it. It still needs some more TLC but it flys! One thing though: it has always ran smooth and quiet.

The photos I'm giving you are OK; the rear view shot is at the base of Mt. Washington (6288 ft) in New Hamshire just two weeks ago! The side shot is after a Mopar show at the musuem of transportation in Brookline Massachsetts it was taken on a hill overlooking Boston with the John Hancock tower and the Prudentual building (the tallest buildings in Boston) in the background. The other shot Is a GLHS Shelby (*not pictured) that was at the show along with many other cars.

Down below is some pictures of my 85 GLH (thats my summer wheels) It is normally aspirated and goes fast also! I got this one for $100 but had to do the clutch, top end, tires, wheel bearings, etc. It currently shows around 95, 000 miles on the odometer.

I will own these cars forever, and any more GLH's I can get!

I desperately want an '84 (4 lug) GLH with the "pizza wheels" - the 1st year. If you hear of any let me know!


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