Chris' 1986 GLHS L2 Bodies page

Owner: Dean Stillie
Stats: 1982 Rampage 2.2 S60 Intercooled
Quarter Mileage: 10.84@127.05
Here is a few snap shots of my little beast. It has a 2.2L Turbo II intercooled Super 60. The block is a stock turbo II short block, with a MP head, ported intake and exhuast manifolds. The turbo is a MP "plus" turbo, breathing through a 60mm throttle body. Power goes to the ground through an automatic with 3.22 gears and posi. Best E.T. 10.84@127.05


I'm in the process of putting on a SC front end with airdamn but I'm going to try and make a fiberglass mold of it for a glass one and flare the sides out a little to deflect air past the big skins.


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