Chris' 1986 GLHS H/J Bodies page

Owner: Martin Mc Coy
Stats: 1988 Chrysler Lebaron GTC
No engine mods mods yet.
 Future engine mods include K&N cone, NGK V-Power plugs, 2-stage turbo bleed to 9-psi and 13-psi, Wells professional Gold cap and rotor, ND.  This car came with all the options except for digital dash, power drivers seat, and CD player. I have since put in the factory CD-player, and am
looking for a grey-leather power drivers seat. It has 130,000 miles, but runs excellent. I have went from 70 -126 mph (just a hair past 125 mph according to the needle) in approximately 8.368 seconds (with very slippery clutch) according to the timing watch I was using. 123 seams to be where it is governed since that is where it stalls (governed) every time I test the top end. It is a very fun car for cruising and the T1 engine mated with the A-520 5-spd really makes it haul-a** compared to my brother intercooled TI auto 1988 Daytona Pacifica. So far the only victims have been a 94-95 Buick Regal Coupe with Supercharged emblems and a 1991 Lebaron GTC with V6 and 5-spd that looked identical to my car. The Buick had me until I stopped smoking the tires half-way through second. and the 1991 GTC had me until my turbo boosted.  This car is 250 lb lighter than 1989 TII TURBO GTC Convertibles, so it is almost as quick from the bottom end until 60 mph. Handling is very good *especially with the crab wheels with the Z-rated Dunlops.
Strangely, though it only has front disc brakes -I would have thought that this car would have had at least the same brake system as a Daytona Pacifica or even a Shelby Z, but instead it has the equivalent to a base non-turbo Daytona. One of the more unique parts of this car is under the
hood. It has special motor mounts with struts attached to each rubber mount case.  Now there is almost NO engine vibration in the car at any rpm. These struts are supposedly standard on all Lebaron Convertibles.  Right now I have the original white top on it, but it is in rough shape. I
am trying to decide between either a camel colored or navy blue top since I know of a 1992 and a 1995 GTC Convertibles in the salvage yard with mint tops.  Soon to put a new clutch in and new vacuum lines. Can't wait.  VERY CLASSY CAR FROM MA-MOPAR!!!!

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