Chris' 1986 GLHS L4 Bodies page

Owner: Craig Bower
Stats: 1986 Omni GLH Replica 2.2L 2BBL A413 Automatic
Mileage: 245, 000+ (kms EH!) -- 153, 125+ miles
This was my previous daily driver (now long gone and sold for $900) and with many a trip from Cold Lake, to Red Deer (450 kms one way) it has seen a lot of miles. All throughout, with precious few mechanical problems. Without having to spend $$$ on fixing anything, I was able to order in all the cool GLH parts to make my base Omni look the part. Front air dam and side sill spoilers were one of my first additions. Later on I needed to have a speedo that would read to 180km/h (in case I found a big hill) so in one went. As Luck would have it one day (on a Junkyard expedition) I scored a complete set of (front/rear) seats from an '85 Shelby Charger. Of course these seats wouldn't match my Blue (original) interior, so I deemed it necessary (at that point) to redo the complete interior with a grey one from an '87 Horizon. Not being a person to leave a task half finished, I went back to surfing the junkyards locally, and turned up a 1984 Omni GLH! Thus I had myself a set of "new" wheels (15x6) and the complete blacked-out front end treatement (grille, h/l bezels) to put onto my car.

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