Chris' 1986 GLHS G Bodies page

Owner: Clark Krieger
Stats: 1989 Daytona Shelbys
Here is a pic of the two 89's I've collected over the last year. The car on the left was purchased last October with 188,000 miles on it.  The engine is beautiful, and it runs great.  No mods yet, but sometime early summer I plan on shimming the wastegate for more low end boost, MP computer, and full 2.5" exhaust.  I bought the car for $1500 which I thought was a deal considering it was a rare find considering it has t-tops and almost every option including a non-functional factory CD stereo.  When I bought it, the interior was wet, the front wheel broken, and the trans shifted rough in 2nd gear.  After I got the car home, I removed the carpet to find a cereal box sized hole in the floor. Im currently working on a fix, but I bought another 89 base model Daytona and I think I'll weld in the floor from that one.  The car needs a new K-frame which I will also steal from the base model, along with both control arms. I fixed the transmission syncro problem by changing the fluid to Dexron III auto trans oil. I have done this with all 4 of my Daytonas and the problem was fixed instantly. Hopefully I will have this car ready for summer. :)
    The next shelby came from South Dakota which was well worth the drive considering the mere $1,000 I paid for it.  The car had a bad turbo which leaked oil, needed a windshield, front fender, and new oil in the trans. This car has most of the options including the removable sunroof and PW/PL. This car is currently for sale, along with my 87 Pacifica.

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