Chris' 1986 GLHS L4 Bodies page

Owner: Charles Aubé
Stats: 1986 Omni GLH Turbo-II
Hi! My name is Charles Aubé. I live near Montreal, Quebec. I bought a GLH Turbo last summer. It's a Turbo II with some modifications. On my site ( ), you can find all you want to know (pics, stats, modifications)...but I'll tell you here!! GLHT '86, Turbo II, intercooler, head and intake ported and matched, stainless steel valves, 52 mm throttle body, stage II computer, exhaust at 2.5'' (no cat, Dyno-max muffler), 15 psi, etc. I did 6.13 on 0-60 (on the street: skid!) (I got a G-Tech accelerometer)...but I didn't like my times on the 1/4 mile (14.44 @ 99mph)...I'll do better rides soon! G-Tech said 210 hp at the wheel (237 at the flywheel!) The car has a "stock" look to it!! You could go on my site for more information...

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