Chris' 1986 GLHS L4 Bodies page

Owner: Blaine Jansen
Stats: 1986 Omni GLH Turbo
Mileage: 212, 000+ (kms)
Besides having the "dealer-installed" stripes, that Blaine insists he didn't apply (yeah right Blaine! haha!), This GLHT has the honor of being the first to ever give the Reader's Rides page author one hell of an L-Body experience. You see, Blaine endured the 1.5 hour drive from Calgary to Red Deer on highway 2 to come "bench-race Shelby" and check things out in Red Deer. Once he arrived, the similarities and coincidences became scarily apparent. Too much in common leads to an inside joke: "Quit Stalking me!!" Anyhow, Blaine's car features all of the good stuff that CC intended for the Turbo GLH cars, with the addition of quite a few meaningful yet carefully selected extras installed by Blaine himself. Inside can be found a Cyberdyne that consistently lights up 9 lights on a high-speed blast, no matter how hard Blaine puts his right foot into it. And to ensure that Blaine's GLHT is up to the task of smoking off big-blocks, he runs a MP Logic Module, all the while keeping an eye on the boost with a factory Shadow ES Boost Gauge, neatly mounted where one of the A/C outlets would be if his car had A/C. And Blaine, having been a closet Daytona-fan, has also seen fit to mount one of the "three-spoke" "T" (flat) steering wheels from a Daytona. Other cool goodies Blaine has in his GLHT, include: more speakers, and adjustments on his stereo than the average person could figure out, and of course an alarm system to keep the "would-be" thieves away from his car late at night. Notice in the engine photo: A duct, running into the front of the air-cleaner, just behind the radiator. This is to provide ample "fresh-air" to the engine. Helping to keep air-flow smooth, and with as little restriction as possible, is the K&N "in-box" air filter. Once all of that air/fuel mixture arrives at the scene in the cylinder head, the Mopar Perf. plug-wires keep the maximum voltage flowing to the spark plugs to ensure that the average big-block has trouble keeping up! ...

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