Chris' 1986 GLHS G Bodies page

Owner: Bernie Rubber
Stats: 1992 Daytona ES
Mileage: 68, 000
This is my 1992 Daytona ES. Performance wise, it is bone stock...for now. It has 68,000 original miles, and has already been everywhere and done everthing from cruisin in the summer with the occasional 3000 mile vacations, to bogging through mud in spring and feet of snow in the winter. It still has original coolant, (had to add some though), thermostat, original belts, brakes, shocks/struts and even air filter.(don't ask me how it stayed clean) The interior is nearly mint, and will soon be mint in the near future. Under the hood lies just one modification, the addition of a Dixie Horn which a guy down in Georgia shipped to me free of charge - Thanks Mike!! Consequently, the car earned its name "General Lee". I currently run on P215 60R 15 Kelly Chargers, which are downright excellent for the price. I'm hoping that this summer (1999) I'll be getting a semi-beefed intercooled stage I turbo going in it. If best comes to best, I'll have 200 HP by the end of the summer.

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