Chris' 1986 GLHS H/J Bodies page

Owner: Ben Paquin
Stats: 1986Lancer ES
This car is a 1986 Lancer ES. Originally, it had a turbo I engine. It has A/C, black leather seats, sunroof, navigator and it's power everything. 

This car never seen winter and has no rust. Odometer has 55K. 


1990 VNT Daytona engine and turbo (turbo IV) 
Heavy duty drive axle 
Soldered a "second frame" for the radiator support which has ripped apart in the past from too much torque :-) (nitrous + boost) 
16" shelby CS rims from the 1990 Daytona Shelby 
205/55/R16 tires 
Turbo II intercooler and hoses. 
All 1990 turbo IV electronics (computer and solenoids) 
K&N drop in filter 
No blow-off valve !! 
Running 12 psi on low and 14-15 psi on high (with bleed) 
Castrol Syntech 5w50 oil 
Fram HP1 Racing oil filter (very large, it gives me half a pint more oil than a regular filter) 
NGK V-power spark plugs 
Manual switch for the radiator fan 
Using the A568 manual transmission 
Gauges: Digital dash, Autometer liquid filled 30 PSI boost, oil pressure, water temperature and finally a Monster tach 
Just added an Intellitronix (cyberdyne) air/fuel meter 
Removed some weight (Spare tire, jack, subwoofer boxes, rear carpet and old soaked insulation from the trunk) took out about 100 lb, added ~ 10 HP) 
Changed front suspension with Shelby's from a 1990 Daytona (see better cornering) 
Changed camber to -0.5 in front  and stock in the rear for better cornering and launches. (Much better cornering : Can take a corner at 40 miles an hour with no tire
screaching when I could barely do it at 32-33 miles. 
Took off a/c belt 

Relocated the VNT Solenoids on the firewall behind the intake manifold 
This resulted in very fast response (Shorter tubing) from the turbo and more power (don't k 
And it also almost eliminated the spikes (again shorter tubing). 

Installed the two stage boost controller (switch with common selenoid). 

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