Chris' 1986 GLHS AA Bodies page

Owner: Allen Garrett
Stats: 1992 Spirit ES Turbo
Mileage: 120,000
This is my pride and Joy 92 Spirit ES 2.5 T1. Just turned over 120,000. The motor that you see in it was (was) capable of producing 14.50's with just the help of a 15 dollar bleeder valve and Flowmaster 2 chamber exhaust and no converter. Best Et to date with that combonation was 14.58@94mph at Edgewater Sports Park, Cincinati Ohio, also I have run a best 1/8th mile time of 9.21@76mph at Ohio Valley Raceway. The car is still non intercooled. February 21, I tromped in ther motor 14 lbs the indicator read and Kaboom......blown headgasket blew the head apart bent some valves......I didnt know whether to get mad , then suddenly a smile appeared. Motor, I thought off to the bank I went and got some money. Rushed home ordered all the stuff which is to be a 12Sec motor. (hopefully) I would like to thank Forward Motion, LRE, EXIT 22 and GUS who has gave some ideas to me, the new motor consists of a Super 60 Turbo, GREDDY Electronic boost control, MSD Ignition, SPEARCO 20" intercooler, Port and polished head and manifold, 20% over injectors, BBK T-REX fuel pump (in-line) COMP CAMS Camshaft, Mopar Rockers, stock pistons and rods, as well as crank, Mopar Heavy Duty Head Gasket, K&N filterchager. Future plans are for JG rods and pistons and throttle body, and even a shot of NOS.

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