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Personal MoPar Pages

Speciality Mopar Pages - Pages dedicated to specific models, or interestes

MoPar Related Business - Be it restoration, performance, or just parts

MoPar Racing - Links to MoPar based racing teams

MoPar Clubs - Links to MoPar oriented car clubs

MoPar Mailing List - One of the BEST online resources for your MoPar!

Personal MoPar Pages

Frank's Mopars. Great looking Duster found here! Plus pics from some major MoPar shows like the Nats!

Moore's MoPars web page. Check out the Mod interior Barracuda!

Lee Herman's MoPar page. As it says, this is Lee's page, and is turning out to be a cool site!

Steve Chervinsky's Mopars... A page I made for a friend with some nice cars... check em out...

Garrett Brisbee's 74 Pro-street Duster! Another page I made for a friend with a nice car!

Jerry Ciolkosz's Mopars

Mike DiMaio (MoPar Club of San Diego)

Rockhaven Mopars

Joe Pfeiffer

Thunderstruck's page

Jim Meister

Gary's Toy Box, an all MoPar web page.

Dodge Darts, and Autocrossing.

MoprLvr's Page. A great lookin 69 Dart GT can be found here, as well as a rare Feather Duster!

Matt Durbahn's MoPar spot on the web!

Matt's MoPar page

Hemi's Mopar Page Home to the Mopar Experience Car Club!

Mopar Hanks page

Dan Nordlof's Challenger page

Dan Nordlof's Charger page

Dan Nordlof's Road Runner page

Chrizbee's Favorite MoPars

Valiant Lord

Specialty MoPar Pages


Mopar Alley, a cool page with links, stuff for sale, and a log of most Mopar related mailing lists.

Road Runner Registry

The Dodge Ram Headquarters.

Post War Heavy Metal.

1996 Indy Ram Web Ring

Valiant Varieties.

Neon Enthusiasts

MoPar FTP site it has lots of MoPar related info that all MoPar people need.


Homepage Desoto

The Cuda Dudes Page

1966/67 Charger Club

The Winged Warriors Homepage.

The Muscle Car Buyers Guide

The Forward Look Network - dedicated to 1955 -> 1961 Mopars

Turbo Dodge - a GREAT online forum for those mid 80s -> early 90s MoPar turbo cars!

The Dodge Garage - a GREAT online resource for those mid 80s -> early 90s MoPar turbo cars!

MoPar Related Business

Mopar Performance Online!!!

WestOaks Chryser, Dodge, Plymouth

Muscle Motors

Howell Automotive

The Steering Wheel Guy - Steering Wheel Restoration

APT Instruments International, Inc - Gauge Restoration

Mopar Mecca

Ram Racing Engines

Richardson Auto Machine

First Place Auto Products - Restoration parts for your MoPar

Relentless Performance - FWD turbo performance parts

Front Wheel Drive Performance - FWD turbo performance parts

Forward Motion - FWD turbo performance parts

Turbos Unleashed - FWD turbo performance parts

MoPar Racing

Canaska: Team GTS-R Viper Foumula racing team.

Robinson Racing Team.

Mopar Magazines

Mopar Action Magazine

High Performance MoPar's Magazine

Mopar Mucsle Magazine

Chrysler Power Magazine.

MoPar Clubs

Indy MoPar Club

The Tidewater Mopar Club

Central New York Mopar Association

The Northern Mopars Auto Club

Lowcountry Mopar Club Page.

Northwest Chapter of Mopars Unlimited

Gulf Coast Mopar Club

River Valley Mopar Club

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