Here are a coupla pics of my Indy the Summer of '97 at the drag strip. The truck is totally stock in these pictures, and these are the first ones I took: (and yes, it has a tail gate :) )
My Indy at the strip
My Indy at the strip
Well as soon after I took delivery of my Indy Ram in May of 1997 I had it in my mind to try and keep it stock... all went well, till Christmas. Christmas 97 I found my self with some extra cash and the customizing begins!! It starts with a billet grill, Sport Scene electric mirrors, and a K&N FIPK!! Soon enough I will have pics up, just gotta get some developed and some more pics taken!!
Performance Mods:

Yes I want it to go fast. Yes I do have traction problems! But I love it, and Mustang drivers HATE me! Now granted, until I get some more major mods completed Camaros can be a problem, but Mustang drivers beware! Oh yeah, and all you Rice Boys out there........ yeah right...... 

Current Engine Mods:
Mopar Performance Computer
Mopar Performance MPI (M1) Single Plane Intake
Eldebrock Headers
March 3 piece Performance Pulleys
Flex-a-Lite 210 Electric Fan (removed stock fan & shroud)
Top Gun Nitrous system
Trans-Go shift kit (full out break your neck!)
Custom made Quick D 52mm throttle body
MSD Super Conductor 8.5mm plug wires
Accel Plugs
Accel brass cap and rotor
Accel high output ignition coil
custom exhaust system which includes Flowmaster Y-collector, 3" pipe, 3" 2 chamber Flowmaster Race muffler
Mopar Performance 180o Thermostat
Functional Ram Air hood which uses the 14" K&N FIPK

Planned Engine Mods:
Crane Cam (have it, just gotta put it on!)
MSD Digital 6 Plus ignition
24lb injectors
Full prepped heads
Super Charger (just give me time!)

The suspension mods on my truck are pretty extensive. I catch alot of crap from people for lowering it, but the idea behind it was for more than looks. Yes, I do think a lowered vehicle looks great, but I wanted my truck to handle, and handle it does. The DJM drop helped to get the CG low enough to improve handling dramatically, and my truck very rarely scrapes. The biggest improvement in handling though comes from the super performing GoodYear GSC tires. Though they aren't great for off the line traction they sure will hold a corner! On the first test on some curvy road I actually put so much stress on the body to crack the front windshield, and I have a witness!!

As for how it does handle, well, I know LOTS of people wont agree with this, BUT bring your Mustangs, and bring your Camaros...... and just try to keep up on the twistys!! I have witnesses to this too! 

Current Suspension Mods:
4" front/6" rear suspension drop by DJM (this includes tubular front control arms, a flip kit, added 1" drop coil)
275-40ZR-17 GoodYear GSCs (front)
285-40ZR-17 GoodYear GSCs (rear)

*These suspension mods together brought the drop to 7" front, 8" rear

Planned Suspension Mods:
Bigger front sway bar
Add rear sway bar
Calvert/Caltrac "torque tubes"

Street Scene Mirrors
Smoothie front bumper w/ Viper style fog lights
Ram Air hood
Billet Grill
Sir Michael's roll pan
APC clear marker lights
APC clear tail lights
stripes extended down front and rear bumper
-misc. others

So, who does all my mods???????????
Well, I am happy to say that  in TRUE HOT RODDER fashion that I have done everything, and I mean everything. From installing the shift kit, to painting the fiberglass hood and bumper... everything! I refuse to let anyone work on my truck if I can help it! Plus I have more fun!! :)