Performance Fluid Additives for your Dodge Ram

Well, many people have asked me for more info on the "fluids additive package" that a certian performance company sells (they will remain nameless because this is not info I want to use against them) for the Dodge trucks with a tranny shift kit.  I purchased a Trans-Go shift kit from said supplier and when I was ordering it I was told of the "fluids additive package" and decided to go for it. The kit cost me 15 bucks, plus 15 bucks for "hazardous materials" shipping! As soon as the shift kit arried I found that I had bought a bunch of fluids that are easliy obtainable from Mopar Performance and your local Dodge dealer! I spend 30 bucks where I could have spend 9! So here you can find out what the fluids are, what they do, and you don't have to pay the extra 15 bucks for "hazardous materials" crap...

Anyway, there are two fluids in this kit, one is the same Sure Grip additive in a 4 oz bottle you would put in your Sure Grip rear end; weather it be in your older muscle car with an 8 3/4 rear end, or your new Dodge Ram with its new style Sure Grip. The other is an 1 oz bottle of Anti Foaming agent used to prevent foaming in certain applications such as smaller high performance engines, some transmissions, and even in some rear ends prone to high load.





The Sure Grip additive (pictured at the left) is the same you would use in any Sure Grip application. The clutch discs with in your transmission are nearly the same thing as what they use in an Auburn style locking rear differential. The part number is for this sure grip additive is 4318060,  its called "Hypoid Gear Additive, Friction Modifier", costs about $3.50 a bottle. You will only need one of these for your tranny.




The Anti Foaming additive (pictured at the left) is what is used in many different applications, even in some high performance racing engines to keep the engine oil from foaming (bad for oil pressure!!). The part number for this Anti Foaming additive is 4549637. It comes in a small 1 oz bottle and says "Anti-foaming fluid additive" on the side. You will need 2 of these, they cost approximatley $2.40.
Instructions for adding:

The instructions on adding these are simple.

(1)Pour the Sure Grip additive into the tranny fill tube.

(2) After you have gotten as much of the thick "Hypoid Gear Additive" in as you can, dump the contents of one of the "Anti Foaming Fluid" into the empty "Hypoid" bottle, then shake this up so you get as much of the "hypoid additive" into the tranny as you can. Dump the "mixed" Anti Foaming Fluid and "Hypoid additive" into the tranny fill tube.

(3) Last, repeat number 2 with the second bottle of "Anti Foam".

Additional Info:

I bought this "fluids additive package" for my truck when I purchased a Trans-Go shift kit. With this shift kit the object is for less tranny slip for firmer shifts (hence the Hypoid Gear Additive). For a transmission to produce a firmer shift, it usually will use higher pressure with in the valve body, with higher pressure and fluid turbulance can result in foaming (hence the Anti Foaming Additive). So use this kit at your descression. 

I see no reason that this "kit" cant be used in a completely stock tranny in the newer Rams, or even in much older muscle cars which use the same basic tranny design. (Look in a Factory Service Manul from the mid to late 60s for the internals of a 727 or 904, then look at your tranny in the Ram. I still think they just copied the pics out of the old service manual!) It may not help your tranny shift harder but in theory the life could be extended. Here are a coupla reasons:

(1) If fluid starts to foam, you can loose pressure within the tranny, when a fluid pump is pumping fluid at a certain pressure, it is also spinning at a pretty constant RPM (at constant speed, and load). A foaming pressure which cause the pressure to drop when passing through the pump will cause the pump to spin faster to try and maintain the pressure. (kinda like trying to suck your drink through a straw when suddenly it develops a hole, kinda hard aint it???!!)

Anyway, this cuase the pump to work harder, and spin faster, hence less life. Even if the fluid does nothing, it wont hurt anything. Its been used for years as an additive, this is just a newer area.

(2) Clutch failure in a tranny is emminent, it will happen eventually becuase the clutchs slip to provide a nice smooth shift. The Hypoid Gear Additive helps the clutchs to grip a little better instead of slip. Less slip in this case will help the tranny to live longer, and with no shift kit installed it probably wont even be noticable when shifting. If not, it wont hurt anything, hasnt in mine. Even if it does nothing, maybe it might add a little piece of mind if nothing else.

(But my tranny does shift HARD!! and I love it!!!!!!!!!!)

NOTE: When filling a Chrysler tranny with fluid, only use Mopar 7176 ATF fluid (+2 for newer trucks, and +3 for REALLY new trucks)


Again, most of the above info if my thoughts, experiences and opinions with my own tranny. If its wrong, so be it, I take NO RESPONSIBILITY WHAT SO EVER if you decide to add these fluids to your transmission. A transmission is a precision piece of machinary and can easily be ruined by inproper care and maintence. (trust me, Mopar trannys HATE Dextron/Mercon tranny fluid!! Just ask the 727 behind my 600+ hp 440, it died in a year, not knowing that Dextron fluid sucks and my driving style probably didnt help!)

Clay Cooke,  Dec.1999