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This is a list of items I have forsale at the moment. Let me know if you have any questions about anything. Some items have pictures, some do not. The items that have pictures have a link below the description. 

Index of Items For Sale
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Jeep Cherokee Items
Jeep Wrangler Items
Turbo Dodge Items
Older Mopar Items
Misc. Items

Jeep Items

Jeep Wrangler (TJ)

1. Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Factory rear tow hooks. One slightly used from 2003 TJ. (had 700 miles on jeep when rear hook was removed to install Hanson rear bumper). - $25 obo each + shipping 

Turbo Dodge Items

1. 89 Shelby Daytona TII fan. Working when removed. $25 obo + shipping

89 Shelby Daytona fan picture

2. 86 GLH-T interior pieces. I have quite a few Red interior pieces from a 1986 GLH-T that I am converting to a grey Shelby Charger interior. Let me know what you may need, and I may have it. 

3. 86 Omni GLH-T console. Red. In decent used shape. No known cracks in plastic, shifter boot has a small (1/2") tear at the top. Arm rest has tear at top seam. $25 obo  + shipping. 

86 GLH-T Console picture #1
86 GLH-T Console picture #2

4. 86 GLH-T cup holder. Red. In decent used shape. No known cracks in plastic, everything is there. Interior sliding piece in good shape, exterior sliding cover in good shape. $20 obo + shipping

86 GLH-T Cup holder picture

5. 86 GLH-T lower center dash. Red. In decent shape overall, but butchered by previous owner for gauges in ashtray hole (ash tray included). Lower 'cubby hole' included as well, but needs to be reattached, probably with glue from back side. $20 obo + shipping. 

86 GLH-T lower dash picture

6. 86 GLH-T stock shifter with rods (complete!). In decent used shape. Shifter knob is worn a bit. Plastic "nut" that goes below shifter is cracked down the side. Shifter worked when removed, no reason it wouldn't work know. 

86 GLH-T stock shifter picture

7. 4 wire O2 sensor male plugs. I have 3 of the male plugs needed to convert a car over to 4 wire O2 sensor. 2 of these plugs are perfect, the other plug is actually a set of 2 plugs. One plug has a couple of wires with bare spots right at the plug, the other plug has one of the yellow spacers between the contacts melted. The two plugs will make one perfect plug. - $10 shipped per plug

4 Wire O2 sensor plug picture

8. 3 wire O2 sensor male plugs. I have 2 of the male plugs needed to convert a car to 3 wire O2 sensor. Perfect. $8 shipped per plug

3 Wire O2 sensor plug picture

9. Female 3 wire O2 sensor plugs. I have 5 of the 3 wire O2 sensor female plugs (the end that is connected to the O2 sensor). These could be used to run a 4 wire O2 sensor on a 3 wire O2 car, if needed. - $8 shipped per plug

Female 3 wire O2 sensor plug picture

10. 2.4L Head/engine wiring harness. This came with a 2.4L head I bought. I dont know if its the entire engine harness, but it does have more leads than were needed for the head. -$50.00 shipped.

2.4L head/engine harness picture

Older MoPar Items

1. 68-70 B-body left hand (drivers side) complete rear outer wheel housing. Brand new, never used. Paddock Part Number: PAD04109. These are $149 new from Paddock. $100 obo + shipping

2. 68/69/70 B-body sway bar. Measures approx. 44" center to center on end bolts. Brackets included (shown in picture). $100 obo + shipping. 

3. Unknown Mopar sway bar. Measures approx. 39" center to center on end holes. Brackets included. I believe this fits either an A-body or E-body Mopar. $50 obo  + shipping. 


Misc Items

I. Oak and birch reptile cage, with bookshelf. Top half (cage section) is oak, with birch tip, bottom section (bookshelf) is all oak. Was designed for turtles/lizards, I have modified it to work with snakes by adding latches, and screen to keep them away from the lights. Its heavy, and shipping will be next to impossible. Bottom "aquarium" section is sealed and will hold water. Bottom piece of glass has a crack that has been sealed off. This is a WELL built cage, made of out great materials, and makes a super nice display cage. $200.00 obo, prefer not to ship. Can deliver with in 1 hour of 47805. 


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